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My heart, restored

December 1, 2011

My heart, restored

The day after my 25th birthday, I made the conscious decision to quit smoking cigarettes.  Cigarettes were the last blockade, besides the occasional fast food, to the fulfillment of a healthy Maggie.  To make this occasion memorable, I will make my goodbye letter to nicotine public.

Dear cigarettes,

You smell bad, you really do.  Even when I washed my hair, you still made me smell bad.  I look at my teeth, which were once so shiny and proud.  Now they glisten yellow like laminated old paper.  I see wrinkles emerging on my cherubic face from the puffing and sucking and huffing and blowing exercises I did with you.  I once appreciated your aging affects on my face; now I see my young beauty fading.

My heart hurts when I run just a little, it’s hard to breathe.  Why did you corrupt my lungs, blacken them like soot in a brand new chimney?  It will take years to heal the burns you’ve caused.  When I cough, it pains me to know that I’m perpetually sick because of you.  The thought that you encourage cancer to grow in my disgusts me, and ultimately is the breaking point between us.

You were fun for a while.  You went great with late night drinks and were the perfect companion for long car rides.  I could sit on the porch and sit with you all day and late into the night.  You gave me reasons to talk to people when we were alone outside of buildings, where you were rightfully sentenced to stay outdoors.

I loved you for so long, but you tricked me, deceived me really bad.  I thought you helped me through stress and strain, but now I see that you were at the root of the pain.  I must leave you now.  I am replacing you with the much more delightful companions of gum and green tea.  So long, you smoking sticks of hell!

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