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For the lazy Facebook addict.

March 22, 2011

When I first started off taking classes in the art of persuading people to buy things, I felt pangs of guilt come to me just thinking that I was meagerly adding to the capitalist machine of America.  I worry that the work I do is meaningless and that no one benefits from a small town girl thinking of the next great slogan for yellow mustard.  Now, after realizing my passion for knowing little unknown facts I have directed my slow starting career into the world of market research.  To my dismay, however, I find that doing pricing comparisons between luxurious retirement communities even more in the dumps.

But today, while shifting restlessly in my chair in the midst of an eight hour data entry stint, I took a gander at to see if there were any interesting articles.  (At least this way it looks like I’m doing important research)  To my surprise, I found an illuminating entry about how market research as we know it today is changing to appeal more to the socially networked consumer.

The article reads that surveys and structured research will fade away as a two-way interaction between marketers and consumers will encroach on the highly method-based territory of market research.  Marketers finally realize that there is great power in discovering huge insights about consumers when looking at a status update.

While the article is huge to the industry I currently find myself in, what I saw in the comment box really excited me.  Someone suggested looking at  My curiosity got the best of me, and what I discovered on this site was truly awesome.

Crowdtap is perfect for the average American who wants to volunteer, donate money, or give to those in need but have encountered struggles when doing so.  They may not be outgoing enough, time pressed, have insufficient funds, or no transportation. gives the opportunity for marketers, consumers, and charities to interact and benefit each other through the powerful social media tool of Facebook.  The challengers are asked questions, most of which are short polls, and receives points for every question they answer!  There are other actions the user can take, and the more the respondent participates, the more points and prizes he earns.

The best part of it all is that for every dollar amount you choose to donate to the charity of your choice, will match that amount!  The setup is very similar to most Facebook games, but this game helps marketers better understand consumers and charities to gain more face time and even money. is a very smart and progressive idea.  Marketing research struggles are minimized, and all participants are in a win-win situation.  Check it out!

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