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Why Can’t GEICO Just Pick One?

October 29, 2010

The cavemen, the gecko, and the strange stack of greenbacks with eyeballs….

What do they all have in common?

They all represent one of the top leading insurance companies in the nation, GEICO. And my question is this: Why can’t GEICO just pick one brand cartoon representative and stick with it?

At a recent Friday Forum at VCU’s Brandcenter, Susan Credle, the CCO at Leo Burnett USA, complained her industry and the lack of focus on building brands.  She finds that many companies are not investing in brands and their equity, changing the face of the company like I change socks.

So how does Richmond’s very own beacon of advertising, The Martin Agency, get away with splitting a company’s image and recognition force three ways? While the commercials may be some of the most entertaining on TV, I will have to agree with Credle on this one and say that many receivers of the message may suffer confusion during the communication process.  They don’t know who to believe; profusely hairy men, a talking lizard with a British accent, or a freakish pile of money.

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